Sapcon Level Instruments

Sapconinstruments is a leading manufacture of level measurement instruments & controls for a wide variety of industrial and non industrial markets. We manufacture industrial process control and...

PCE Instruments UK Ltd

PCE Instruments offers the most extensive and detailed range of precision measuring instruments. In our catalog we provide about 500 different types and models of high quality measuring equipment...

Acceptance Testing and Switchgear Service

E.E.U., Inc. offers prompt, efficient customer service. When your equipment is in need of service, repair or routine maintenance, we can deliver the right people with the right test equipment to...

Envco The Environmental Collective

Suppliers and manufactures of environmental sampling monitoring and remediation equipment.

Claro Handheld Refractometer

Manufacturer of precision and reliable handheld refractometers measure the concentration of sugar (brix), salts (salinity), soybean milk, cutting oil, coolant/antifreeze in the liquid.

Automatic onboard forklift check weighing scales,freight weight verification,skidweigh

Manufacturer of forklift weighing scales,safety systems for material handling

Oxygen Analyzers

Alpha Omega Instruments manufactures a complete product line of oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzers and monitors.


Manufactures components for automation and control including TwinCAT NT-realtime system, bus terminal, industrial PC, Beckhoff-Lightbus. New automation technologies.

Bristol Babcock

Manufacturer of programmable controllers, process control systems, SCADA systems, correctors, gauges, pneumatic controllers and regulators, pressure switches, recorders , electronic recording...

Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V

Production and sales of high quality massflow and pressure meters/controllers for gas and liquid fluids.

Cambridge Sensotec Limited

Manufacturers of oxygen gas sensors and portable gas analysers for a wide range of environmental gas monitoring.

Canongate Technology

Manufacturer of process instruments and analysers, process automation and control and SCADA and graphics packages to the food, beverage, chemical and general process industries.