Benefits Of Virtual Reality In Education

Benefits Of Virtual Reality In Education

If a person wants to have a close watch over the developments in the domain of education, the emphasis has been mainly changed to the core areas viz. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) domain. This happens due to the ever growing importance of STEM in modern society driven by technology and the forecasts about the need of the core domain in the future. This is where virtual reality technologies could pitch in to boost the domain of education especially the core domains in various ways. Here we would discuss on how virtual reality would boost the education domain in the ways explained below:

Enables learning through simulation

The VR way of learning enables students to do practice whatever they learn while being unaffected by the mistakes they commit while practicing what they learn. For instance most of us know that students studying surgery should not commit mistakes by an extent whether small or large else the consequences would be disastrous. Exactly at this juncture would VR come into picture as students could turn into virtual surgeons using an Oculus Rift headset and feel as if they are performing the surgery without being anxious about the consequences of the surgery. Students could draw blood and perform surgical techniques on patients virtually before attempting the real one on humans in particular.

Promotes experiments among online students

As the field of education has been moving to unexplored regions, online education has been the preferred choice for most of them as students are doing a lion’s share of their work for the courses online unlike the traditional courses where face to face interactions used to happen. Students of chemistry who rely on NCERT Books for instance would be able to do their experiments online in a virtual manner where they could improvise their knowledge every time they perform an experiment. Same would be the case if they want to do an experiment in Biology where students could dissect a frog without actually having to do a real one if they do not have a wish to do it in a real life situation. Thus it would even out the differences between the online and real life formats to a great extent while helping students to gain access to superior quality of course delivery at affordable prices.

Helps to understand every aspect in detail

To a student, the most pressing challenge would be to know the little aspects related to a complex process or substance in its tiniest form. For instance, students following CBSE Syllabus would have seen illustrations of such processes at the end of every chapter in their textbooks. Learning the process step by step could be achieved only by breaking the same into smaller chunks which however seems impossible in most cases. The VR learning would be the right solution for this problem as the same could be achieved virtually without having to break or dismantle anything in reality.
The points mentioned above would have shown you the importance of VR in the field of learning. Thus one could easily say that VR would take the education domain to even greater heights in the coming years.

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